On the road to Angular 6: No features in Beta.7 — Ready for RC phase

Angular 6 should be released pretty soon. As we’re getting closer to the grand finale, we start to see bits and pieces of what is shaping up to be a great version. Beta.7 is here.


The last beta is here — unlike bountiful Beta.6, which brought 16 bugfixes, 15 features, and five breaking changes, Beta.7 only contains three bugfixes.

This time next week, we will have entered the release candidate phase. And in three weeks time’, we’ll finally have Angular 6. Good times ahead!


Update March 1, 2018

Beta.6 was released yesterday (February 28) — which means Angular 6 is ready for the release candidate phase. And that’s good news!

This last beta has a bunch of bugfixes —16, to be more exact—, 15 features and five breaking changes.


TextField Replacing é with é in Adobe Flash

  • Embedding Fonts didn’t work
  • Not Able to reproduce problem in StandAlone Example
  • Got Post online that it’s converting text into UTF-8, but didn’t get any solution on how to resolve it
  • In trace it was displaying é but in textField it was Ã©
  • I was loading data from feed and saving it to XML, tried firstChild.nodeValue and lot of thing related to XML but didn’t work
  • Tried search/replace but indexOf(“é”) was -1, though indexOf(“é”) returning position of é
  • Commenting System.useCodePage = true; worked like magic 

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